Robin Stoloff

Are you looking for a way to get in shape and lose weight, but tired of the same workout routines? Kickboxing is an excellent workout with a number of benefits. Kickboxing utilizes a combination of kicks, punches and elbow strikes that work out various muscles throughout the body.

The blend of front, side and roundhouse kicks will strengthen the muscles in your legs. Kickboxing also incorporates a variety of punches. Throwing jabs and hooks will have your chest and shoulders toned in no time. Because you are utilizing balance and power from your hips, kickboxing is an excellent way to tone your core training. It can help increase your stamina and improve your range of movement when throwing kicks and punches. Kickboxing training goes beyond the normal workout and offers the ability to learn a form of self-defense while getting into great shape.  

This video is from a class I took at a local gym a few years ago.  Not sure if I had the right form, but had lots of fun and really got a great workout!


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