As we age we lose muscle mass and bone density, but weight training can help slow down both. That is just one of the many benefits of working out with weights. Starting at the age of 13, it has been a staple in my husband's life that has kept him centered, energize, and yes, pretty darn strong for a 62-year-old guy.  In fact, it has been a big part of our life together )we met at a gym where we both worked in our early twenties).

Although he is a practicing attorney, he has a degree in Exercise Physiology and knows his stuff.  I am amazed at his creativity with new exercises and his workout program.

Sometimes he comes home after a long day at a stressful job and heads right to our home gym.  After his workout, he is much more relaxed, happy, and energized.  He calls it a "miracle drug."  I call it the closest thing to the fountain of youth.

Here is what it does for him, why he keeps at it, and how you can get started.


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