Welcome to summer 2024.

While Memorial Day Weekend is the unofficial start of summer, the Ocean City Beach Patrol wants you to know that only limited beaches will be guarded this weekend.

Limited Beaches Are Guarded to Start the Season in Ocean City

From Saturday, May 25 through Friday, May 31 only these ten beaches will be guarded, according to the OCBP:

  • St. Charles Place
  • Brighton Place
  • 8th Street
  • 9th Street
  • 10th Street
  • 11th Street
  • 12th Street
  • 26th Street
  • 34th Street
  • 58th Street       

EMT Services will be available at 1st Street, 12th Street, 34th Street and 58th Street stations.

Lifeguard stands may not be exactly at street ends as guards will place the stand in the safest area depending on water conditions.

The Ocean City Beach Patrol strongly urges you to swim only at guarded beaches.

If you have any questions, call 609-525-9200. For all emergencies, call 911.

An expanded list of guarded beaches will be published for the first weekend of June.

Ocean City Unlocks the Ocean for Summer

The Ninth Street Beach will be guarded starting Friday, May 24 as Ocean City unlocks the ocean for summer 2024.

You can watch the "Unlocking of the Ocean and Business Persons Plunge" on the Ninth Street Beach beginning at noon.

Crazed people dressed in business suits and carrying briefcases march into the ocean to the strains of Pomp and Circumstance to welcome the new season.

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