Sometimes I don't know how police officers manage to keep their cool when faced with a situation like the Brigantine Police dealt with early Monday morning.

Brigantine Police Respond to a Noise Complaint

Brigantine Police got a call early Monday morning about a loud party going on in the early morning hours on the 4100 Block of Brigantine Blvd.

According to a Facebook post from police, at about 1:36 am on Monday, June 10th they responded to the complaint about the party and found a large group of people outside who had been drinking.

One man, Jonathan H. Murillo of Atlantic City, approached one of the officers and began to yell at her saying he was an NJ State Trooper. Police had reason to not believe the guy, but he finally went back inside.

The police gave the people at the party a warning about the noise level and left.

A Second Noise Complaint Was Made

At 2:06 am, the police returned after a second noise complaint. This is when Murillo and another man at the party became especially hostile to the police.

Here is a portion of the police report of the incident.

Police again encountered Jonathan Murillo and attempted to take him into custody for his warrants. During this time, a second male later identified as Onix Murillo-Hernandez of Atlantic City began to interfere with officers who were attempting to arrest Jonathan Murillo.
He refused to comply with officers’ commands to go back inside the residence, as he screamed explicative from a close distance at officers to include both racial and sexist slurs.
Onix Murillo-Hernandez continued to refuse to back away from officers effecting the arrest, and therefore Officer Rote had to pull him away.
At that time Onix Murillo-Hernandez turned to Officer Rote and told her he was going to shoot her and made a hand gesture toward her. He continued to shout loudly and with obscenities.

Brigantine Police Arrested the Men Involved

Jonathan Murillo and Onix Murillo-Hernandez were taken to the Brigantine Police station. Murillo was charged with impersonating a police officer.

Police say Onix Murillo-Hernandez continued to remain combative and refused to be fingerprinted and photographed for his arrest.

He was charged with making terroristic threats, disorderly conduct, resisting arrest, and refusing to provide fingerprints.

Both men were taken to the Atlantic County Jail. The Brigantine man who hosted the party was charged with a noise ordinance.

Another night on the job for the Brigantine PD.

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