With just under a week to go before the official start of summer, things have already heated up at the Jersey shore.

There's plenty of good that's happening.  It feels like the Jersey is already seeing many visitors.

Many of us like to complain about Shoobies or their Northern relatives, Bennies, but they bring a lot of money to our region.  Visitors to our area are good for all.

The Good with the Bad at the Jersey Shore

There is a by-product of a robust tourist trade, and that's the undesirables that try to ruin things for others.

The towns that line the Jersey coast take pride in being family-friendly.  When people become concerned about violence and crime, that isn't good for business.

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Wildwood Takes Proactive Approach

In Wildwood, they're being proactive in dealing with rowdy crowds that have made headlines.

On Wednesday, the city passed an immediate ban on backpacks between 8 pm and 4 pm.

The new rules are meant to keep those looking for trouble from sneaking weapons and alcohol onto the boardwalk and beach.

Wildwood Mayor Ernie Troiano hopes this ban will help curb the chaos that's created on the boards,

They’re gonna stringently look at people with the backpacks, and they’re gonna be polite and respectful and ask them to move off the boardwalk with it. Take it to your car, come back up, do what you need to do.

According to residents I spoke to who didn't want to be identified, this is a start, but they don't see how police can enforce the policy.

Residents of Wildwood Remain Leery of New Rules

One person told me,

These kids are already drunk and stoned before they even get here.  The only way this nonsense will stop, is if parents are held accountable, and we know that ain't happening.

With a stretch of hot weather in our area, we'll see how well this new policy helps the situation.

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