As a society, we love numbers.

In sports, we break down every possible statistic.  For many, their job performance is based on numbers, and of course, politics is full of numbers.

So, we decided to break the state of New Jersey down by numbers and see if we could uncover some surprises.  Here's what we found.

Where Does New Jersey Rank Nationally

9,290,841  This is the total population of New Jersey, according to the U.S. Census Bureau.    

#11  This is New Jersey's rank nationally, based on population size.  California, Texas, and Florida rank 1, 2, and 3 respectively.    

New Jersey is home to 309,642 veterans.  288,647 are men and 20,995 are women.

More Women Than Men in New Jersey

The number of women in New Jersey:  4,693,469

The number of men in New Jersey:   4,555,594

It's believed that 39% of adults in New Jersey have never been married.  According to a report on, New Jersey ranks #10 in the country for singles.

New Jersey has 9 of the most expensive counties in the country.

The Most Expensive County in New Jersey

#1  The most expensive county in the state is Cape May County

2.62 is the average number of people in a household in New Jersey.

$97,126 is the median household income (this means half the people make more and half the people make less.)

$50,995 is the per capita income in the state.

#51  Where New Jersey ranks among all states in drunk driving fatalities.  

Even though we have had fewer drunk driving fatalities than just about every other state, we are still 8.5% higher than we were in 2012, according to

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