You have most likely spent a lot of time slathering on the sunscreen this summer, and for some people with acne prone skin that can lead to breakouts.   If you are breaking out, be sure to get a sunscreen that says oil free and ‘non-comedogenic’ which means that the product will not clog your pores and cause further irritation or blemishes on your skin.If you are still noticing problems with acne, try zinc titanium only sunscreen which has a somewhat drying effect on the skin. But, don’t just blame the sunscreen for your breakouts, we tend to sweat more in hotter humid weather, which can also lead to breakouts.   Here are five ways to avoid breakouts and blemishes..  If you still need help, talk to a dermatologist about a complete skin care regimen.  Stronger, medical grade products can often do the trick when fighting acne.

  • 1

    Wash Your Face Twice a Day

  • 2

    Limit or Avoid Makeup

  • 3

    Don't Touch Your Face

  • 4

    Keep Hair Away From Your Face

  • 5

    Get Moving

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