I remember as a kid in Mercer County, waking up on winter mornings and sitting by the radio waiting to hear if my school would be closed because of snow.

On those days that it did snow, we'd go out and build snowmen, and forts, and if we were particularly bored, a group of us would grab shovels and shovel our neighbors' sidewalks.

There were some days, we'd go outside, and the snow was so deep, we'd immediately sink up to our hips.  We loved the snow.

So, what's happened?  Sure, the last few years, we'd have our snow days, but nothing like we had back then.  Since we haven't had snow this year, the conversation has turned to, "Is this the warmest winter ever in New Jersey?"

According to njweather.org, with an average statewide temperature of 41 degrees, we have tied 1932 as the warmest January in New Jersey since they started keeping records in 1895.

Our average low of just over 31 degrees ranks as the 2nd warmest ever.

So, you're probably wondering if this is a trend?  Here's something to consider, 19 of the 20 warmest Jersey winters on record, came within the last 33 years according to David Robinson, who is a climatologist with the state as told to nj.com.

As you can imagine, there's a million theories as to why we've seen this change.  I say, enjoy it, because these things seem to have a way of eventually evening out.

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