The hard-working crew at the Humane Society of Ocean City is frustrated and appalled after a dog was found tied to a pole in the city on Thursday.

An Abandoned Dog Was Found Tied to a Pole

A dog was delivered to the Humane Society of Ocean City on Thursday, Dec 7 at about 2:30 pm by a person who claims to have found the dog tied to a pole in the area of 12th and West Ave in Ocean City. The dog, a brown and white pitbull, has no identification or microchip.

The Human Society of Ocean City Asks for Help

The Humane Society of Ocean City is trying to find more information about this abandoned dog. If you recognize the dog and may have seen it being left tied to a pole in Ocean City on Thursday, they would like to talk privately with you.

If you live or work in the area and have surveillance or doorbell camera footage of the time that this dog was left, the HSOC is interested in seeing it.

Pet Abandonment is a Serious Problem

As an animal lover, I am appalled at the rate at which irresponsible owners abandon pets. Dumping a pet is the worst case of abandonment. Tying an animal to a pole and leaving it in the cold is a crime.

As pets, animals give us constant love, affection, and loyalty and this is how we repay them.

The Humane Society of Ocean City deals with the problem of pet abandonment problem daily.

How to Contact the Humane Society of Ocean City

If you have any information, call The Humane Society of Ocean City at 609-398-9500 ext. 1 for the shelter.

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