If you are someone that suffers from chronic sinus issues, the causes may be right in your house. Chronic sinusitis is caused by inflammation in the tissue lining in the sinuses.This can lead to sinus infections and symptoms include, sinus headaches, thick mucus, congestion, and fever. If you're sinuses aren't getting better, it may be time to see how well you are cleaning your house.

  • Craig Veltri
    Craig Veltri


    While it may seem obvious, dust tends to be the number one culprit to your sinus problems. While dust is easy to clean and vacuum, it is easy to forget and neglect the hard-to-reach places in tour house such as curtain rails, ceiling fans, and blinds. It is crucial to keep your vacuum cleaner clean by emptying the filter because a dirty filter will blow dust back into the air.

  • Anja Peternelj
    Anja Peternelj


    Mold is extremely common and can appear in leaky sinks and ceilings and underneath wallpaper or carpets. While it isn't always visible to the naked eye it can be very irritable. Living in humid or damp conditions creates a perfect environment for mold.

  • chendongshan


    Our furry companions are great but the shedding hair is something we all wish we could avoid. To help keep your sinusitis under control, try keeping your pets off the bedding and upholstery where hair tends to stick. Vacuuming regularly and grooming regularly can help reduce symptoms.

  • Mario Ragma Jr.
    Mario Ragma Jr.

    Perfumes and Toiletries

    Strong fumes from fragrances, hairsprays and toiletry products can linger in the air and trigger symptoms. It's best to limit the use of aerosol products with strong scents. Using these products in rooms that are poorly ventilated and enclosed can worsen your sinus problems.

  • tifonimages

    Cleaning Products

    While dirt in the house is a problem, harsh cleaning chemicals can also be a problem and worsen your sinuses. Try replacing those products with milder ones.

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