If you or someone you know is undergoing cancer treatment, you might be experiencing Cancer-Related Fatigue. CRF is a feeling of being tired that does not improve with additional sleep. It can be an overwhelming feeling of listlessness or exhaustion compounded by the emotional strain of cancer treatment. CRF affects close to 80% of all people undergoing cancer treatment.

Cancer and the side effects of cancer treatment may affect balance and coordination, energy level and endurance, and range of motion. Bacharach’s physical therapy team offers a wide range of exercise and treatments designed to maximize mobility and function while improving overall well-being.

Some CRF symptoms include lack of energy that does not improve after napping, weakness, listlessness difficulty concentrating on a task and completing the task, loss of appetite, weight loss, or lack of interest in social activities, or feeling exhausted after sleeping through the night.

CRF may be caused by chemotherapy, radiation, surgery or other cancer treatments.
People with CRF will get the tremendous benefits of exercise: increased endorphins, better circulation, release and relaxation and the positive feeling of accomplishment.

Therapies for CRF may include targeted stretching and strengthening, gentle progressive resistance exercises, soft tissue and manual therapy, cardio, balance and coordination, instruction in home exercise program, energy conservation techniques.

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