One of the great things about working at a local radio station is it allows you to find and shine a light on all the great things in our community, and the people who live here.

I'm always scouring the local Facebook pages for stories that make me feel good.  I like to take the pulse of the community and find out what matters to people.

It was during one of those expeditions, that I found a post that caught my attention on the Galloway Happenings page.

It was there that I saw a post from Brigida Sutton soliciting volunteers for a carolers group she was forming.  It sounded fun.  "No experience is needed, just a willingness to get together and spread cheer."

I sent Brigida a message and invited her group to come sing a song or two on my radio show.  She accepted although she pointed out that she didn't even have a group yet.

A couple of weeks later, Brigida, along with Erin Davidson, Diana Elbertson, Robyn Mayo, and Donna Peterson all met up at the Lite 96.9 studios in Northfield, and moments later, they performed a beautiful version of Silent Night, live on my afternoon radio.

What I didn't know when they arrived was that they had only met a few days earlier, and only had one rehearsal.  I was blown away.  Not only did they sound great, but I could feel an instant chemistry between them, yet they were strangers who just met on Facebook.

I have seen nationally recognized performers choke while performing live on the air.  Yet here was a group of strangers together for the first time, and they nailed it.

After that day on the radio, they met up for several other appearances throughout our area, including The Health Center (nursing home) on Jimmie Leads and throughout the historic Smithville area.

Photo: Brigida Sutton
Photo: Brigida Sutton

Congratulations to this group who took a chance.  Its a fun story to share.

If you have a feel-good story you want to share with the community, send me a message at  Maybe I'll feature you in a future story.

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