There is an event happening in Pleasantville this upcoming Thursday evening that has one main goal: to create a stronger relationship between the public and law enforcement.

On Thursday, August 22nd starting at 6:30 PM, local police, community leaders and other officials will be in attendance for the 3rd Community Walk in Pleasantville this Summer.

The walks are organized by the Atlantic County Coalition for a Safe Community and consist of these public figures walking through the very town that they work so hard to protect.

It truly makes sense because it becomes much easier to come together as a community if you get to know the people behind the uniform. Plus, public officials can do their jobs that much better when they are given the platform to get to know the people in town and learn what is important to them.

Now, here are a few pieces of information to know before the event this Thursday:

Before the walk officially kicks off, the Bare Knuckle Café food truck will serve sandwiches and refreshments.

The walk will start at 7:45 PM at the housing authority and will go to Merion Avenue.

Following the walk, there will be an outdoor movie which begins at 8:30 PM and will also have refreshments and popcorn. (Don't worry about being out too late because everything is expected to wrap up by 10:00 PM)

If you have a chance to even catch a glimpse of the Community Walk, I think it would be more than worth it. We are all just trying to do the best we can day to day and I imagine that we will only do better when we feel the support from those around us.

Whoever came up with this event: a job well done.

For more information or to check out photos from other Pleasantville Community Walks from this Summer, head to

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