So this is a topic that comes up every year, and for good reason.

The art of retail during the holiday season has changed over the years and as a result, has started earlier and earlier. There are very real concerns that the holidays are becoming less and less about spending quality time with those who matter most.

One of those changes is that a lot of stores and malls have opened earlier and earlier to kick off the official start of "Black Friday Shopping!"

And that is starting to leak into Thanksgiving itself.

Why am I against it? 

I am stating the obvious but it is not very Thanksgivingy to leave your family to shop. Or to force the retail workers to leave their families just so you can shop. I am one of three sisters who are almost never home all at the same time because of our busy schedules. If one of them had to leave to work for this reason, I'd be pissed.

Plus, if we are okay with the schedule as is, I only see the shopping times continuously starting earlier and earlier as the years go on. Eventually, stores won't even close for Thanksgiving at all!

Why am I also for it? 

There may be people who are relying on that time-and-a-half holiday pay. Times are tough and this temporary bump in pay may be a huge necessity for a lot of people.

There have to be other points for both sides of this argument that I am not thinking of right now.

Where do you stand and what are your reasons?

Let us know! And Happy Holidays.

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