Well let me just start by saying: Happy Election Day!! 

Having the right to vote is something that has been chased after for decades and now is no different.

17-year-old Raisa Rubin-Stankiewicz from Princeton High School has attended municipal meetings in her town and is one of the valiant supporters that say the voting age should be lowered to 16.

“I know that we may be told that we’re not mature enough or that we don’t know enough about policy,” Stankiewicz said. “But we absolutely deserve a voice and we can get just as informed as any adult out there.”

Mahsiah Imes, who is days away from turning 19, has been invested in politics since he was just 15 has been urging the Jersey City politicians to lower the voting age.

“My whole goal was to basically get them thinking,” Imes said “Get them knowing that there are teens that are interested in the political process, that are interested in who holds office, that are interested in who’s making these local decisions.”

I feel that if there are young teens who are passionate about the political debates happening these days, why wouldn't you want to give them a vote?

Not to mention, they will be affected by the decisions being made.

Let's just get this out of the way: the argument that they are not mature or knowledgeable enough is not really valid. A lot of adults have NO IDEA what they are voting for.

You do know that there was an experiment conducted during the 1930's -- a mule was put up for election and won to prove that people truly don't know who they are voting for.

At 16, you start learning how to drive and are also told to start deciding on a career path you would like to take. These are very adult topics. You might as well add voting to the list.

Do you agree?

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