To those in charge of casting for MTV.....

I will be the first to admit that I absolutely love the "trash TV" that is aired on your network.  It is mindless and relaxing to watch after a day of work.

I have been watching your channel for years but this letter is being written because your newest series called Ex On The Beach: Peak of Love.

Here is the premise: you have a bunch of reality stars and YouTube personalities who live in a house on top of a mountain and their exes just start showing up without warning.

Yes..there's drama...they get cool excursions....etc.


MTV has done an amazingly good job at being inclusive and this show's cast is the perfect example.

Within this cast, there is are lesbians, gay men, a man who dresses in drag at times prefers to be addressed as his alter ego and on last season of Ex On The Beach, one of the cast mates identified as Pansexual.

I am a firm believer that everyone from all walks of life deserve the right to feel confident within their own skin and having all of these different LGBTQ groups represented on a major network is a big step in the right direction.

Having people be represented online, on TV and overall be included where millions of people can see means that there is a man watching at home that may finally be ready to announce he believes he was meant to live life as a woman.

There could be a teenage girl watching that is now ready to come out to her parents because she sees that there are others out there exactly like her.

So to those in charge of casting at MTV, I applaud you.

There are a lot of other major television and reality shows that just aren't giving an accurate representation of the world we live in but instead, only expose a small portion of it.

Acceptance will not happen overnight. But steps like this pave the way for change so thank you.

Your shows may not be educational, but they are entertaining and now relatable to people from all walks of life.


Nicole Murray

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