It has official: Victoria's Secret will not be hosting a fashion show for 2019.

And also not so shocking, a lot of people on Twitter had a lot to say about the fashion show cancellation. The overall theme? That Victoria's Secret has a lot of self-reflecting to do before they can return and expect the same success they have experienced in the past.

I have to side with our second batch of tweeters here.

Take a look back at the physique and the typical cookie-cutter look that a large majority of the models have represented?

Size 0. Extremely toned. Long hair. Gorgeous face. High heels.

There are a large majority of women who, even if they did work out and diet, will never look like one of those women.

These women are put up on a pedestal so imagine being a woman who looks nothing like them? Sounds like a toxic, self-hating type message that is being sent to anyone who is different if you ask me.

I am a thick and curvaceous woman. Even when I have been in the best shape of my life, my pants size is has never been smaller than a size 8. And that all depends on the brand.

2016 Victoria's Secret Fashion Show in Paris - Show
Pascal Le Segretain, Getty Images

Women like me deserve to be represented. Women of all shapes and sizes deserve to be represented. These curves redistribute and fluctuate and therefore, so does our size. Girls, own it.

People who are not the size of a Victoria's Secret model are not automatically "fat" or "lazy" or "unhealthy" and assumptions like this have become a very common thing because of what Victoria's Secret has televised for years.

Victoria's Secret: take a step back and soak in everything that has happened within the past few years and then restrategize. When you come back, I bet you will be 10,000X more woke and your brand will represent everyone as opposed to a small few.

Trust me. This is for the best. It may be hard to see it because we are all so close to it but just let it play out. You will thank me later.

For more information on Victoria's Secret canceling their Fashion Show for 2019, click HERE.

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