Sure we’ve all heard phrases like “you’re looking blue today” or “She was so mad she saw red,” but who knew that colors are not only associated with our emotions but also  influence  our mental & physical state?

Red, yellow blue, and green are the four psychological primary colors, and they correspond to the body, emotions and our mind and the harmony between these elements.The eleven basic colors all have psychological properties as well.

Continue reading to find out more about our body's natural reaction to the colors and the negative as well as the positive emotions that these colors bring out in us

  • 1

    Red (Physical)

    Positive effects: Red brings out strength, physical courage, energy, warmth, basic survival of "fight or flight", masculinity, excitement, and stimulation.

    Negative effects: aggression, defiance, strain, and visual impact.

  • 2

    Blue (Intellectual)

    Positive effects: Trust, intelligence, communication, efficiency, duty, serenity, coolness, logic, calmness, and reflection.

    Negative effects: aloofness, lack of emotion, coldness, and unfriendliness.

  • 3

    Yellow (Emotional)

    Positive effects: confidence, optimism, extraversion, self-esteem, friendliness, emotional strength, and creativity.

    Negative effects: Fear, irrationality, depression, emotional fragility, suicide, and anxiety.

  • 4

    Green (Balance)

    Positive effects: balance, harmony, refreshment, universal love, restoration, reassurance, rest, peace, equilibrium, and environmental awareness.

    Negative effects: Blandness, boredom, stagnation, and enervation.

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