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One of the most common excuses for lack of exercise is "I don't have time," and while that may be true due to living a busy lifestyle, quick at-home yoga exercises are a great way to get that workout you've wanted to fit into your schedule. In fact, you can place a yoga mat beside your bed and quickly knock out a workout inside the comfort of your home.

Yoga is perfect for those who are busy since doing yoga for just 10 minutes a day provides many benefits for your overall health. It can ease muscle aches and soreness, improve posture, improve flexibility, reduce stress, lower blood pressure, etc.

Another great thing about yoga is that it releases endorphins and dopamine, instantly boosting your mood, whether you're using it to meditate or work out. If you need a break at home, a quick yoga session will leave you feeling refreshed and focused afterward.

Start with some simple stretching and then move on to poses that make you feel comfortable for a quick at-home workout. The level of intensity that you desire is up to you, whether you want something more fast-paced and physical or slow-paced and relaxing.

The Benefits of Short Yoga Sessions

Reduce Stress

You'll create a valuable pause in your day by stepping away from your usual task to do 10 minutes of yoga. This allows you to slow your thinking and distance yourself from your source of stress, not to mention the fact that yoga is excellent at lowering blood pressure, which has clear benefits for longer-term stress management.

Take a Break

Ten minutes of yoga is just long enough to be a treat, giving you a break from the laptop (or whatever else you need to deal with!), and a quick yoga break will leave you refreshed and refocused, so you might actually save time by being more productive afterward!

Ease Aches and Soreness

Shoulders up around your ears? Wrists aching from too much typing? Modern living can leave us feeling tight and achy. A 10-minute yoga flow allows you to work into those tight areas, easing off your neck, shoulders, lower back, or whatever needs attention.

Improve Your Posture

Computer work, driving, and looking at our phones lead to postural problems, including internal rotation of the shoulders. Ten minutes of well-chosen yoga poses can strengthen your upper back, ease your shoulders back into place, and stretch your neck muscles to improve your posture.

Increase Focus and Alertness

Yoga is somewhat famed for having a particular power to connect our body and mind. This is good news at any age, but especially as we age and feel the effects of the decline in memory and alertness. Tap into the short-term and long-term benefits of yoga with just 10 minutes a day.

Boost Mood

Yoga is a calm, stress-free way to move your body and check in with yourself. Just 10 minutes of yoga during the day can boost happy hormones like endorphins and dopamine, so you feel brighter and lighter.

Here are three videos you can follow along with at home to get you started!


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    10 Minute Yoga Full Body Stretch for Stiff Bodies

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    5 Minute Yoga/Meditation: Calm Your Anxiety

    Take a well deserved break to calm your mind and body with this quick 5 minute meditation for stress and anxiety. It's perfect for those who feel overwhelmed with work or just want a few minutes for themselves to recharge.

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    10 Minute Power Morning Yoga for Weight Loss & Toning

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