Beach season 2017 is officially here! The crowds were in full force this past weekend and the lines to get daily beach tags in many shore towns were long and deep.

Now, thanks to a new vending machine, you'll be able to get your tags 24/7 in this South Jersey beach town!

According to Shore News Today, the town of Longport will install a beach tag vending machine which will be operational 24 hours a day and seven days a week! You can buy your tags any time you want in the foyer of the Police Department, which is located at Borough Hall on Atlantic Avenue.

You'll need exact change though, since credit cards aren't accepted at this time. Longport tags for the year go for $15, but only until June 16th. After that tags jump to $30!

This sounds like a good idea to me , especially since I had to stand in a long line this past weekend to get my season tag.

What are your thoughts and where in South Jersey would you like to see another beach tag vending machine?


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