The end of summer has come and gone with the passing of another Labor Day Weekend. I still love going to the beach during the month of September when the weather is still warm enough and the crowds have disappeared until next summer.       

Towns up and down the Jersey Shore depend on the revenue from selling beach tags and beach badges during the summer to cover costs associated with the beach, including paying for lifeguards and beach clean up costs.

The folks at put together a list of just how much money beach towns made from the sale of the tags and badges from the summer of 2017. Here's how the beaches of South Jersey made out.

Cape May Point - $189,024  Season Tag $35  Daily $10

Longport - $214,292           Season Tag $30

Ventnor - $273,107             Season Tag  $15

Margate - $325-345             Season Tag  $15

Brigantine - $602,863          Season Tag  $18    Daily $8

Stone Harbor - $781,469      Season Tag $28    Daily $6

Sea Isle City - $1,407,785     Season Tag  $25    Daily $5

Cape May City - $2,409,700   Season Tag  $18    Daily $6

Ocean City - had generated the most beach revenue in the entire state for 2017 with $4,020,943. Seasonal tags go for $25 and daily tags are $5.


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