The beaches in Wildwood are some of my favorites beaches to visit in the entire state. I love the fact that they are so clean, so wide and so big. I never feel crowded when I'm enjoying some fun in the sun. I also love the fact that the beaches are FREE.

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Could the free beaches in Wildwood be a thing of the past? We'll still have free access during the summer of 2021. The Press of Atlantic City reports that Wildwood, Wildwood Crest and North Wildwood officials have discussed the possibility of implementing beach tags due to an increase in expenses.

Talks of ending the free beach status between officials are only in the beginning stage. Boardwalk repairs are due in Wildwood and a new Boardwalk is needed in North Wildwood which is also facing costly expenses associated with beach restoration which is needed at the north end of the barrier according to the report.

The beaches in Wildwood and the world-famous Wildwood Boardwalk brings back so many happy memories for me as a kid, as well as an adult. My wife and two boys would spend endless summer days on both the beach and the iconic Wildwood Boardwalk. . My summer would not be complete if I didn't  hear "Watch the Tram Car Please" at least once!


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