Bruce Springsteen was spotted again on the Wildwood Beach Sunday, adding to the growing speculation that "The Boss" is scouting out the beach for a possible summer concert.

This was the second Springsteen sighting in three weeks for The Boss in the Wildwoods.

North Wildwood resident Donna Mellor and her mom Liz were on the Wildwood Beach for The Race of Gentlemen Sunday afternoon when Donna, a major Springsteen fan, noticed Bruce in the crowd.

Springsteen, as cordial as ever, spent several minutes talking with the women and posing for photos.

On May 25, Springsteen spent a couple of hours walking on the Wildwood Boardwalk and eating lunch at the Olympic Flame Restaurant.

What is Bruce up too, anyway?  He didn't tell Donna Mellor Sunday, and she didn't seem to mind. "I'm still floating on Cloud nine", she told me Sunday night.

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