This is a great story, whereby the Atlantic City, New Jersey Fire Department, Atlantic City Police Department, Atlantic County Humane Society … along with the New Jersey-based Bulldog Rescue organization called Fund-A-Bull all came together and saved a dog’s life.

I want to thank a talented writer, Stephanie Zatwaska Loder for letting me know about this wonderful human, canine interest story.

I have had the opportunity to talk with Atlantic City Police Chief Jim Sarkos, who was quick to point out that his fellow public safety officers at the Atlantic City Fire Department were the first who contacted the Atlantic City Police Department about the abandoned dog.

Here’s the story:

The Atlantic City police rescued a bulldog, who is now named Callie.

A few days ago, Callie was found dumped and bleeding in an alley in Atlantic City, and was in need of extensive surgery to survive.

The Atlantic County Humane Society took Callie to Absecon Veterinarians. The next hurdle was the expensive price tag for Callie’s surgery.

A New Jersey-based Bulldog Rescue organization named Fund-A-Bull saved the day, by paying the thousands of dollars in medical costs.

You can reach Fund-A-Bull at:

I reached out to Atlantic City Chief of Police Jim Sarkos, who shared his thoughts:

"I commend the dedicated efforts of Officer Rebecca Seabrook, who is one of our Atlantic City Police Department Humane Law Enforcement Officers, who tirelessly work to ensure the welfare and protection of animals. Their commitment to enforcing animal cruelty and neglect laws is vital for our community and reflects on their compassion and dedication,” said Sarkos.

“I would also like to thank the Atlantic City Fire Station #4, Absecon Veterinary Hospital and the Humane Society of Atlantic County for their assistance,” said Sarkos.

Here is Atlantic City Police Officer Seabrook with Callie:

Atlantic City Police Department photo.
Atlantic City Police Department photo.

This is a beautiful example about everything that is right about the Atlantic City public safety departments, collaborating with multiple agencies to save the life of Callie.

SOURCEStephanie Zatwaska Loder.

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