New Jersey, along with much of the country is dealing with a massive heatwave this week. Heat-Related illness includes a spectrum of conditions from minor illnesses to life-threatening emergencies.  Even short periods of high temperatures can cause serious health problems. There are several heat-related illnesses, including heatstroke, heat exhaustion, heat cramps, fainting and heat rash.


To stay safe during a heatwave, remember the acronym H.E.A.T from the National Weather Service.  We break down these four basic steps.

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    H stands for – Hydrate! Be sure to drink enough water, that’s no surprise. The common rule is to drink 6-8 eight ounce glasses per day, and that number should only go up during the summer months.

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    E - Educate! Know what the temperature is in your local area. With it being summer, you can almost always expect it to be hot outside. However, it's still important to plan accordingly, with plenty of water and other items to protect you from the sun, such as sunscreen and a hat.

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    A – Act! Know the symptoms of a heat illness. Get help if someone you see is experiencing rapid pulse, dizziness, nausea or confusion.  More serious cases can involve a loss of consciousness and damage to the internal organs.

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    Take it Easy

    And lastly – Take it Easy! Be sure to not overexert yourself while in the heat. Be sure to take breaks in the shade when out in the sun for long periods of time. While you enjoy the rays this summer, be sure you know how to beat the heat!

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