There's a good reason you are told to act with care and choose a high profile meeting place when selling goods over the internet.

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Police in Egg Harbor Township released a press release Wednesday concerning arrests they made in an armed robbery which took place during an internet sale transaction in the township's Cardiff section.

According to police, the victim of the  crime arrived at a pre-determined location in Cardiff of Friday, June 12 with some friends to make the transaction.

They were told by the buyers to go to another, less public location to finish the transaction. After meeting and agreeing to a price, the property was loaded in to the buyer's car.

At this point, a friend of the buyers walked out of the nearby woods with a rifle. After a scuffle between the two groups, the accused men fled the scene with the property. No one was injured.

Egg Harbor Township Police conducted an instigation and arrested two Egg harbor Township men, Shea Smith and Elijah Green, both 18 years old, along with two juveniles.

The four were charged with robbery, conspiracy, and weapon related offenses. Smith and Green were taken to the Atlantic County Justice Facility and the two juveniles were lodged in the Harbor Fields Juvenile Detention Center.

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