Any one who has spent any amount of time on the Wildwood boardwalk has surely heard the the phrase "watch the tram car please" in their sleep. Just hearing the announcement brings back so many happy memories for me as a kid, as well as an adult, since one of my favorite place to bring my boys during the summer was the iconic Wildwood Boardwalk.

The tram car is celebrating it's 70th anniversary and today (Monday, June 11), according to the Press of Atlantic City, you can ride the tram car for just 10 cents, the same price as when the tram card debuted on the boardwalk, June 11th 1949!

According to the report, the tram cars were originally built by the Greyhound Bus Company and can travel 4 to 5 MPH. From May until September close to 600,000 will take a ride on the tram car.

They were a godsend for my wife and I, especially when my boys would tire after walking the boards for a good part of the day. They couldn't wait to hop on the tram car and neither could we!.


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