The new Atlantic City Boardwalk Tram Service has a problem and they came to the Lite Rock Morning Show to ask you to help.

Here's the issue:

After a 20 year absence, tram cars are again competing with push chairs for your business on the Atlantic City Boardwalk. At $2 a ride, it might be the best deal in town.

The A.C. Boardwalk Tram Car Service thought playing the same safety message that they used 20 years ago, "Watch the tram car, please", would be an obvious choice to put back on their loudspeaker. And they did use the phrase for a little while.

Then, people from the Wildwood Boardwalk, who have used that same familiar tram car catchphrase for over 40 years began to object. Wildwood claimed proprietary ownership of the recording and threatened to sue over Atlantic City's use of "Watch the tram car, please". They went so far as to contend that if Atlantic City's tram cars even using the words "watch the tram car, please", it amounted to plagiarism.

Rather than spend time trying to fight for the right to say "Watch the tram car, please", the Atlantic City folks came to me with the offer of $1,000 cash to the person who can create a new safety message for the new Atlantic City trams!

Here is one challenge. You can't use the words "Watch the tram car, please", which remains the most obvious thing to say shortly before you run into someone with a tram car.

You have to come up with a phrase that is different, original, catchy, short, effective, and won't drive us crazy when we hear it repeated 50,000 times over the course of the summer.

If your new alert message wins the contest, you get $1000 cash and bragging rights to having created the Atlantic City tram phrase.  Who knows, maybe they will still be using your phrase 50 years from now!

Make sure you completely fill out the entry form and good luck!