It wasn't too long ago that we broke the news that a brand new rollercoaster inspired by the Wildwood Tram Car is being built at Morey's Pier.

You know who I'm talking about -- "Watch the tram car, please. Watch the tram car, please."

Well we just got word that the brand new rollercoaster called The Runaway Tram will be opening on Tuesday, July 2nd!

The coaster is bright yellow and blue with a rather funny face leading the pack up front. The train will feature 10 two-person passenger cars.

"I think this just could be the biggest little coaster we've ever done," said Jack Morey, second-generation partner.

Rather exciting that such a staple part of South Jersey is memorable enough to be turned into an iconic roller coaster!

Take a look at the original article and see photos of what this awesome new roller coaster looks like, click HERE and HERE.

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