I wanted to share the social media post and video my wife put out this week as we passed the one-year mark of finding out that she had cancer.

Throughout the last year's journey, we have felt that it was important to talk about our cancer experience and the very personal way that it impacted us.

We had a very hard Thanksgiving in 2020. Not only did we get the cancer diagnosis leading up to the holiday, but, because of Covid-19,  we couldn't travel to be with family at a time when that would have been a blessing.

While the last year was an unpleasant experience for Beth, with surgery and the difficult chemo and, especially, radiation treatments and their side effects, she proved to herself how strong she is and she was an inspiration to us all.

My message to anyone else who is going through a similar cancer experience?

You should insist on the best medical team you can find and follow their game plan carefully. Accept the help and food (thanks!) of friends and neighbors, try to stay positive, and pray a lot.

For many people diagnosed with cancer, things do improve and you do get better. Have faith.

Wishing you the best and a very happy Thanksgiving! Eddie

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Here's Beth's post...

I’ve read that you become a cancer survivor the minute you are diagnosed. So with that being said, I am celebrating my one-year anniversary of survivorship! It was one year ago today when I received the diagnosis of endometrial adenocarcinoma (which was awful to hear, not knowing at that point that the news would only get worse when I had found out after surgery that there was spread). Eddie was with me when I received the diagnosis, and we were both crushed. We got in the car and I was sobbing as we drove to pick up the girls from a basketball practice. I had to pull myself together and act like nothing was wrong when they got in the car. But that was then, and this is now. And I’m happy to say that “I’m Still Standing!” (Yes, I’m embarrassing myself by putting this Tik Tok video out there, but I don’t care lol)! Happy Thanksgiving!! 🙌💪💗

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