Word came Tuesday that the 2022 Atlantic City St. Patrick's Day Parade has been canceled for the third year in a row.

The parade had been scheduled to strut down the boardwalk on Saturday, March 12th.

Parade organizers made the decision public with a message on Facebook, saying they ran into too many obstacles to overcome again this year.

....with so many issues, from the scaled-down parade route due to boardwalk safety concerns to a lack of participant interest, this ultimately led to the decision for the 2022 parade cancelation. We know, like us many of you are disappointed.


The Atlantic City St Patrick's Day Parade in 2020 was one of the first large events to make news with their cancelation due to the COVID-19 outbreak. At that time in mid-March of 2020, a disagreement arose between parade lovers and those who were understandably afraid of the new coronavirus and concerned about the safety of having the parade?

It was the time when events first began to be canceled everywhere over COVID-19 concerns, but the organizers of the Atlantic City St. Patrick's Day Parade insisted the parade would happen on Saturday, March 14th, 2020.

That week leading up to the parade, as the country literally closed down around us, the people in charge of the Atlantic City St. Paddy's Day Parade made news by holding tough -- the parade would happen that Saturday.

By Thursday, they had changed their minds. The parade was canceled.

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This year, organizers canceled the parade much sooner and without so much of a fight.

...we would like to encourage our residents, families, and friends to keep with traditions and visit all the local establishments, as they will undoubtedly offer their own unique experiences, celebrations, and good cheer!
As always, we hope that you each find a chance to
celebrate this 2022 St. Patrick’s Day!

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