Every once in a while, I come across something that makes me wonder, why haven't I heard about this sooner?

Two of my favorite things are breakfast and pizza.  My breakfast usually consists of eggs and toast or English muffin.

As for pizza?  Let's just say I can be happy with pizza for dinner every night.  With a million different combination of toppings, I could have a different pizza every night and never have the same pizza twice.

Incredibly, I've enjoyed my fair share of pizza for breakfast.  However, that pizza is usually left over from the night before.  Don't get me wrong, I love that pizza, but someone has come up with something that may actually be better.

Someone has come up with a idea of combing eggs WITH pizza, and it works!

Steak Em Up in North Wildwood has been serving up pizza and cheese steaks in South Jersey for years, and they have some interesting menu options.  They have a selection of options that combine several favorites.

For those who can't decide between a cheese steak and pizza, they have the cheese steak pizza. Or for those who prefer, the chicken cheese steak pizza.

Can't decide between a burger or pizza?  The Heff pizza might be for you.  Burger and pickles on a pizza?  What kind of mind comes up with this stuff?

This all leads us to their breakfast pizza.  The reviews indicate it's a hit.  They even have several combinations to choose from.  Ham, egg and cheese?  Yup.  Oh, and let's not forget the pork roll, egg and cheese pizza.

Steak Em Up is open 7 days at 8am at 1700 Boardwalk.

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