If you travel on the Atlantic City Expressway eastbound into Atlantic City, you may have noticed an outdated billboard advertising shows at Golden Nugget which took place two to three months ago.

The billboard is promoting shows with "The Golden Boys" Franke Avalon, Fabian, and Bobby Rydell on April 30th and Dionne Warwick on May 14th.

Why is this billboard still up when the shows are long over?

Golden Nugget took to its Facebook page to explain that a family of Osprey, known as a duet, is nesting on top of the billboard and they will have to wait until the nesting season ends in September to change the coming attractions.

For those who have been wondering, we are aware of our outdated entertainment billboard on the AC expressway. Golden...

Posted by Golden Nugget Atlantic City on Tuesday, July 26, 2022

For those who have been wondering, we are aware of our outdated entertainment billboard on the AC expressway. Golden Nugget is doing our part in helping to conserve our local wildlife, the Ospreys. The endangered bird is currently nesting on top of our billboard, and we will have to wait until nesting season is over, after September 1, to change the message on this board. Thank you for your understanding!

According to the Dickenson County Conservation Board, Osprey follows a rigid schedule each year that you could set your watch to. It goes something like this.

The male and female Osprey meet at the nest in early April and build their home.

Breeding begins about a week later. The first Osprey egg is laid in late April, with the female Osprey laying 1-3 eggs per season. The mama Osprey waits until all the eggs have been laid to begin the incubation process so that her babies will hatch at the same time.

The Osprey chicks begin to hatch in late May or early June and it usually takes about 55 days for them to be able to make their first flight, bringing us to late August.

Shortly after, in early September, the Osprey begin their migration south. The young Osprey stay in their overwintering location for a full year and a half before returning to an approximately 50-mile radius of where they were born to begin breeding themselves.


Thanks to Golden Nugget Atlantic City for delaying their new billboard until the Osprey fly south for the winter.

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