We recently gathered for dinner at a well-known area restaurant.  The meal was good, the service was friendly and prompt, and then the check arrived.

The total for our gathering of eight was reasonable at $420.00.  There was a line for us to add a tip for the server.  I typically leave a twenty-percent tip when service is good.

However, what caught my attention, was a second tip line.  There was a suggestion for a "kitchen" tip.  I had never seen that before.  We go out pretty often, and this was a new concept to me.

Now, I understand that servers depend on tips to make up for the low hourly pay they work for.  It's been like that forever.  There's a real talent in being a good server.  A good server can make or break a dining experience.  No complaints about server tips.

My question is, why the need for "kitchen" tips?  Tipping because the food was good?  Seems to me that that is what I'm paying for.   If the food wasn't up to expectations, can I deduct that from the cost of my meal?

Am I the only one who thinks the whole new tipping culture has gotten out of hand?

I bought a 5-dollar bagel and cream cheese, and then a screen popped up asking me if I wanted to tip.  Let's not forget the all-new credit card fee.  That 5-dollar bagel is now 6 dollars and change.

Oh sure, they say no one is forcing you to tip, but aren't they putting you in an uncomfortable position by asking?

Before anyone accuses me of being cheap, let me state that I believe there certain service providers who should be tipped for good service.  When I dine out and the service is good, I leave 20%.  If I valet park, that's good for 5 bucks.  My hair stylist gets 20%.  Bartenders get a few bucks as do delivery drivers.

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