We all know that tipping can be a really controversial subject. When the check arrives on the table, I'm usually wracking my brain about how much to tip the server.

As a general rule, I usually tip around 20%, unless the service is horrendous, then I may drop the tip down to 15%. I hate doing that though and always feel guilty because I know how much servers depend on their tips for income.

The folks at Thrillist and T SHEETS just ranked the best and worst US states for tipping workers, and New Jersey comes in at #24 with a tip rate of 18.65% and a minimum waged for tipped workers of $2.13 an hour.

The Top 3 Best States For Tipping Are:

1. Connecticut   Tip Rate - 18.58%       Minimum Wage - $10.10/hour

2. Maine            Tip Rate - 19.36%       Minimum Wage - $5.00/hour

3. Vermont        Tip Rate - 18.32%       Minimum Wage -  $5.25/hour

The Worst 3 States For Tipping Are:

1. Tennessee    Tip Rate - 16.38%    Minimum Wage  - $2.13/hour

2. Wisconsin     Tip Rate - 16.18%    Minimum Wage  - $2.33/hour

3. Nebraska      Tip Rate - 16.49%    Minimum Wage  - $2.13/hour

We asked you on Facebook just how much you tip for good service and here are some of your responses:

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