Every state has its own nickname and fun symbols, like state animals, birds and songs. Some states have even picked special desserts as their official treats. 247wallst.com
has put together a list of iconic desserts from each state, by researching official symbols and agricultural products and the history of popular sweets and goodies throughout the country.

The list includes famous desserts loved all over the country. Some are obvious, and others much more obscure. (Case in point: Arizona’s most iconic dessert, Eegees. It’s an Italian ice slush dessert that is only available in Tucson and Casa Grande, Arizona. Who knew?)

But NJ’s dessert winner is none other than saltwater taffy, born in Atlantic City, New Jersey, way back in the late 19th century.

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The story goes that a candy shop owner's store got flooded, soaking the taffy with salty ocean water. He jokingly sold some to a girl, and from then on, the rest is history!

Some other examples of iconic desserts?

Alabama’s was something called “Lane cake” the iconic Alabama white sponge cake filled with raisins or coconut.

Obviously, Alaska’s was Baked Alaska, the igloo-shaped dessert consisting of cake and ice cream topped with browned meringue.

And no one will be shocked that Florida’s most iconic dessert is Key lime pie.

Georgia, peach pie and Massachusetts was Boston Cream Pie, respectively. Duh.

Some may argue that saltwater taffy is really a candy, not technically a “dessert.” And that perhaps a blueberry pie would be a more appropriate dessert to associate with us. But considering the lack of acknowledgment of ANYTHING positive in the Garden State, we’ll take what we can get.

One of the Top 50 Candy stores in the US is right here in Jersey

Black River Candy Shoppe in Chester New Jersey was selected in Food Network Magazine's “America’s 50 Best Candy Stores” a couple of years back and the story went viral online earlier this year.

I decided to take a trip down there for myself to see what they had to offer. Right, when you walk in you feel like you are Charlie about to take over the chocolate factory. Black River Candy Shoppe is a cute little candy shop offering hundreds of different types of candy.

They have old-school childhood candy as well as an incredible selection of newer candy varieties. Candy is displayed in old whiskey barrels, and a lot of their candy is sold in bulk by the pound. It is located in downtown Chester right off of Main Street. Check out the photos from my recent visit:

NJ breweries with top-rated beer

The reviews are in — see which NJ breweries have the most beers with a great rating on BeerAdvocate.

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