Having worked in the radio doing "mornings" for 32 years now I have my routine down and I don't have any problems with the early morning hours, in fact, I prefer being up at sunrise it's a beautiful time of the day. I actually think sunrise is the most beautiful part of the day. My routine is simple, wake up grab a coffee, and maybe have a light breakfast, watch the news, and begin writing my first article of the day. After that, it's getting ready to head to the studio. One great part of starting an early day is no crazy morning traffic, so that's a plus.


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Unsplash.com Julian Hochgesang
Unsplash.com Julian Hochgesang



Not everyone loves the morning as much as I do, so if you are not an early riser or if you are but your not enjoying it we have 10 morning habits you need to stop doing. This Top 10 list came from "The Hearty Soul".


Forgetting to Stretch "According to active.com, sleeping can stiffen the body, and stretching is the way to stimulate and loosen muscle tissues."

Sleeping In "Pressing the snooze button, forsaking 10 more minutes of sleep for a rushed morning, a skipped breakfast and the added stress of getting the kids off to school and yourself to work on time, isn’t worth it."

Inconsistent Sleep Schedule "Fitness.com reported on a Harvard Medical School study that discovered those who sleep more than nine hours a night secrete more of the hormone melatonin than those who sleep six hours or less."

Not Drinking Enough Water "Chatelaine.com suggests that this morning habit “increases the flow of digestive juices, helps to cleanse the body, and resets our pH balance, making us less acidic, which helps reduce the risk of disease.”

Lack of Physical Exercise "Discovergoodnutrition.com says that going to the gym early gets your heart pumping and the blood flowing, which will help you feel alert."

Using Your Phone in Bed "To get a good night’s sleep, we know to keep technology out of the bedroom. But according to a story on telegraph.co.uk, maybe it’s not such a bad thing to do when you wake up. Reading the news and checking emails are a good way to wake up your mind."

Skipping an Iron-Rich Breakfast "Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. There’s no doubt about that. But if it’s lacking in iron, you might be setting yourself up for failure energy-wise. Time.com reports: “An iron deficiency can leave you feeling sluggish, irritable, weak, and unable to focus.”

Dressing Too Casually "Whether you work from home or do shifts, you still need to put on a “work wardrobe” when you wake up. Forbes.com says that wearing “comfortable” clothes plays with your mind and your motivation. “You’ll still think it’s relax time.”

Over-Thinking "A clear head will make you more focused and allow you to tackle all of your tasks for the day."

Sleeping In On Weekends "Don’t screw up your schedule with lies that are too long on Saturday and Sunday. Keep to your sleep schedule, even on weekends, says sparkpeople.com"

CLICK HERE to read the entire article from "The Hearty Soul"


Unsplash.com Laura Chouette
Unsplash.com Laura Chouette


For me, the habit I still have to break out of this Top 10 list would be an "inconsistent sleep schedule". I don't have a set sleep schedule. Some days I may sleep in the day and nap longer and then stay up later after dinner or some days I'll stay up all day and then hit the sack early like around 8 pm. So as you can see it is a day-to-day kinda sleep thing.

I will say that I sleep better when I start my day at 3 am and stay up, with no nap, til around 7 or 8 pm, and just go to bed for the night. If I get myself to bed by 7 pm I can get 8 hours of sleep, that is not the normal routine though, that would be in a "perfect world" lol.



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