American Dream Mall in East Rutherford, New Jersey is ranked as one of the best malls in the entire country, and we can visit it any time right here in New Jersey!

Sometimes when I remember I can drive under an hour to check out the mall, I feel a little spoiled, but I’m thankful for it. There’s a new addition coming to the mall that is about to make it even more amazing than it already is!

American Dream has announced its plans for another amazing experience that will hit the mall extremely soon. Activate Games is an interactive, indoor gaming experience that is officially open now!

American Dream posted on their Instagram that Activate is officially open as of 2 days ago and you can book time slots now. I have to say, from what we know of the new gaming experience coming to American Dream, it seems to be a very futuristic concept.

“Activate offers high-tech games that test your team’s physical and mental agility across a wide variety of real-life challenges. Once inside, you and your team choose from hundreds of combinations of games and difficulty levels, each lasting one to three minutes,” says Acvtivate’s official site.


You get electronic wristbands to track your progress and scores which is also really amazing. This is the definition of a 2023 event and I can’t wait to get there and check it out for myself!

You can officially book your trip to check this out on their website, they have an entire list of time slots found here! American Dream Mall is located at 1 American Dream Way, East Rutherford, NJ.

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