I happened upon this video from Hard Rock Hotel and Casino Atlantic City earlier today on Facebook and it was so amazing, I ended up watching it about five times. I wanted to share it in case you missed it.

Let me see if I can properly describe this video,

The artist makes an intricate, detailed sand sculpture of the Hard Rock Atlantic City property -- front and back -- in a large glass and films the work in a high-speed time-lapse video.

You will end up watching it the way you would a snow globe filling as the completed work becomes known.

It's called the "Hard Rock Falling in Sand Collab".The Facebook post has a caption that is certainly true about this work. "It's all in the details @ Hard Rock AC"

I don't know if that fully or accurately describes what is seen here, but, I will tell you this: it's amazing!

Watch for yourself. Whoever designed this 30-second video gets my award for the coolest thing I have seen all day.

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