Happy Thanksgiving Eve! Or in other words, one of the biggest bar hopping nights of the year!

Now, don't get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with getting ready to have a little fun as long as you do so safely.

So check out some tips so that tonight goes smooth and you can truly enjoy Thanksgiving.

1. Designated Driver

If you have to drive to your point, make sure whoever is getting behind the wheel is sober. Not only could you get into some expensive trouble but really hurt or even kill someone else on the road.

2. Utilize Uber/Lyft/Taxis

If no one in your group wants to take on the job of being the DD, than better to play it safe rather than sorry. It may cost an extra $20 but it is definitely worth it if everyone gets there and back safe and sound.

3. Walk If Possible

The less you are on the roads this evening, the better. If you are in a city that is made for walking, you might as well take advantage.

4. Stay Local

The farther you travel, the longer you will be on the roads. You might as well stay local so that you are close to home but can still have a good time.

Did I miss anything? Comment Below!

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