Happy Thanksgiving to everyone from Lite Rock 96.9 WFPG!

May your glasses be filled spiked apple cider and may your plates be piled with turkey, stuffing, and mashed potatoes.

And to make sure that this Thanksgiving is remembered as an enjoyable holiday spent with friends and family -- take a look at some Thanksgiving Day safety tips to avoid any crazy accidents.

Be safe out there and gobble, gobble!

1. If your stove is on, stay in the kitchen

Don't leave food unattended and if you are in the kitchen, you will spot if anything goes awry immediately.

2. Keep children away from cooking area

There are knives, and ovens, and stoves, and who knows what other appliances that will be on and working to make sure that dinner gets on the table. Just keep the kids away to make it easier for all.

3. Timers are a must

You have a glass of wine or two, you start catching up with family, and all of the sudden smoke is coming from the oven. The little "BING!" might save your dinner and keep everyone that much safer.

4. Roll up long sleeves

Just a safety precaution in case food splatters.

5. Double check once dinner is done

Once you are done cooking and/or once everyone leaves, double check everything in the kitchen to make sure nothing is left on and that everything that may still be hot is out of reach.

Have a safe and Happy Thanksgiving and we will see you all once you are back! Hopefully all of the food digests by then.

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