Drivers in New Jersey can be stopped by police for many different reasons.  From personal experience, I can tell you that how you respond to being pulled over, can have a big impact on the officer's decision on whether to write you up or give you a warning.

My non-legal advice is to pull over as soon as you see the red and blue lights.  Turn off your radio, lower your window, and keep your hands on your steering wheel.  Remember, the cops don't know you.  They want to make it home after work.  This puts them at ease.

You'll probably be angry, but you need to decide how much you're willing to spend to "win" the argument.  Hint:  You will not win on the street.  If you have a dispute, wait until you're in court.

Speeding     2-5 Points Depending on speed

This one seems pretty obvious.  The common belief is that police will generally allow us to travel up to 7 miles an hour over the posted limit.  However, even if you go one mile an hour over the limit, you're fair game.  Also, police seem to be more lenient if you're speeding on the Parkway or Turnpike than if you're in a residential neighborhood.

Improper Lane Changes     4 Points

Generally speaking, this means that you need to use your blinker and proceed with caution.  Also, police don't take kindly to people who make a right-hand turn from the left lane or vice versa.

Equipment Failures     0 Points     

Okay, you probably assume that this would apply to cracked windshields or maybe a headlight not working.  I got pulled over in Stafford Township because the little light above my license play was dead.  No warning, either.  I had to pay up for that one.

Illegal Use of a Phone     3 Points

Hand-held phones are illegal to use while driving.  That includes texting or watching the ballgame.

Tailgating     5 Points

This is one I was recently pulled over for in Hillsborough.  It's my experience that this usually occurs when we get mad at another driver.  I'm not sure why we do it, but we do, and if caught, it will cost you big time.  Kudos to the Hillsborough cop who gave me a break.

Failure to Wear a Seatbelt     0 Points

There was a time when we had those bench seats in the front seat.  No one wore seat belts, and as much as I hate being told I have to wear one, the truth is, they are proven to save lives.

Weaving     5 Points

This is popular on 72 during the summer on the way to Long Beach Island.  It's annoying, isn't it?  I mean, if I have to sit in traffic, why should the guy behind me also?

Statewide Violations Bureau Schedule (Updated on July 29, 2021) (

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