The holidays are a wonderful time to be in love. Yet it appears they can also be one of the most common times of year for relationships to fall apart. According to the statistics, there is one particular day that is the worst for relationship breakdowns.

What is the Most Common Day for Couples to Break Up?

According to Facebook data, December 11th is the most popular day for couples to breakup. Man, do we have data for everything these days, or what?

Why Is This Day the Year's Most Common Break-Up Day?

This is a tough answer, but it's what the research shows.

December 11 is the most common day for breakups because it is considered the latest acceptable date to break someone's heart that is not too close to Christmas. After December 11th, people seem to believe it is simply bad form to be breaking up with someone.

December 11th beats Out the New Year and Before Valentine's Day

Dating expert Renee Slansky says the approaching holidays and the end of the year bring a time of reflection.

“I think as the year ends couples break up because they assume that the underlying issues they had in their relationship would have been fixed by now and they dread carrying the same issues into a new year.”

Is It Better to Be Single Than Unhappy at Christmas?

Let's face it, the holidays are a real gauntlet of family get-togethers, social events, work deadlines, and, the inevitable gift-giving pressure.

It's not easy buying a nice Christmas gift for someone you are realizing you don't really like all that much. Ouch!

Happy Holidays...

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