First dates can be rough! But, hope springs eternal. We keep trying, hoping we will meet Mr.or Miss Right, and, along the way, putting up with a lot of Mr. or Miss Absolutely Wrongs.

The thing is, once you do find the right person for you, looking back on those crazy first dates is actually pretty funny.

The Lite Rock Morning Show wants to hear about your crazy first date. Your story might be about an awkward night spent with the wrong person for you or a strange dating start with someone you actually like!

If you tell me your crazy first date story on the Lite Rock Morning Show, you could win dinner for two at a nice South Jersey restaurant, so you can have a good meal and a happier date story to tell the next time.

To tell me your story on the Lite Rock Morning Show, send me an e-mail at, with your name, phone and the best day and time to contact you between 6-10:30am in the morning.

Thanks for listening!  Eddie



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