The owner of a South Jersey tree service is getting a reputation for his charitable sideline, rescuing cats stuck in tall trees.

South Jersey Tree Service Guy Has Heroic Hobby

Steven Murrow runs Tesla Tree Service, a one-man tree service company in Pitman, Glocester County, specializing in high-reach tree jobs.

Somewhere along the way, people began asking him to help save their cats caught in tall trees.

"A couple of years ago I had friends reach out, because they knew I was a climber, and they said there was a cat that they saw online that was stuck in a tree and there was no one around to help it," Murrow told 6ABC.

Word Has Spread About Murrow's Cat-Saving Ability

News about Steven Murrow's special talent for rescuing cats stuck in tall trees has gotten around. He says he saved 59 cats from dangerous heights in 2023. 59 cats in one year? That's more than a cat a week. I love this guy!

How Much Does Tree Guy Charge for a Cat Rescue?

This is the nicest part about Steven Murrow's high-flying cat rescues. He doesn't charge anything. He will climb to the top of a tall tree and save your cat for free. It's all about kindness, Murrow told the Asbury Park Press.

"Most people can't help in that situation, but I can. I jumped at the chance. I've always been an animal and people lover, and kindness is contagious. I try to do things like that, hopefully someone else will repay the favor."


One More Reason to Love Cat Rescuer Steven Murrow

Steven Murrow has never owned a cat of his own. Murrow admitted to the Asbury Park Press that he is allergic to cats. "I love petting them and playing with them, but I puff up and get itchy and hives. I still love them though."

He climbs tall trees to rescue stranded cats once a week even though he is allergic to them. I told you, I love this guy!

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