If you are looking for a nice place to retire that you can actually afford, this list of towns will interest you.

Especially if you would like to stay in South Jersey.

World Atlas Names South Jersey Town a Best Budget-Friendly Place

In an article this week from World Atlas, Somers Point is one of their best "Budget-Friendly Towns on the Atlantic Coast for Retirees".

That's right, Somers Point -- The Gateway to the Jersey Shore -- is also getting national attention as the one place in New Jersey that's affordable enough to retire in.

Granted, this list is made up only of towns close to the Atlantic Coast. That's okay with me. I like living along the Atlantic Coast, and, if I could help it, that's where I would spend the rest of my life.

As the article points out, the Atlantic Coast stretches for 2000 miles across America, from Florida to Maine. That's a lot of territory, with many different towns you could consider if you want to stay close to the coast.

The one you live closest to now is Somers Point.

What's So Special about Somers Point?

Take a look at what World Atlas likes about Somers Point.

It is close to the glitz, concerts, and dining in Atlantic City, so that's fun. World Atlas also likes the vibe in S.P.

Somers Point also has a great community vibe, with lots of programs and help for retirees. At the Somers Point Senior Citizens Center, retirees can participate in social events, like exercise classes and regular gatherings.

World Atlas also points out Somers Point features like Kennedy Park, the bike path, and the convenience of living near Shore Medical Center.

The Affordability of Somers Point

Best Places says that the cost of living in Somers Point is 21.6% less than the New Jersey average and 6.1% lower than the U.S. average.

World Atlas likes the affordability of the Somers Point housing market.

The housing market in Somers Point is affordable, with the average price going for just over $388,000. If you compare it to the state average of $528,000 you can see why the town is an attractive option for retirees.

Let me add the convenience of Somers Point. It's close to about everything, including local attractions, major highways, and lots of shopping.

Best of all is its convenience to the Atlantic Ocean and many beautiful beaches.

Considering a retirement move? Maybe you should consider moving to Somers Point.

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