Somers Point Police requested help Thursday identifying the man who spends way too much time on his phone.

Well, that's not exactly the way Somers Point Police worded it, but anyone looking at this guy's surveillance photos can tell he has a major phone addiction.

What the police actually said is they are interested in this guy and the car he was driving as part of an ongoing investigation. If you know him you should contact Somers Point Police Detective Bureau at (609)927-6161 or via email at

But, his photos bring up other questions.

Was he looking at his phone constantly while he was driving his car, too?

Does he have back issues from bending forward all day and looking down at his phone screen?

Is he trying to pull the old, "I'm not committing a crime here, I am just fascinated by something on my phone" ploy?

How does he not trip or run into something when he never looks up from his phone screen?

Is he only one of the millions who have this same phone fascination, 'cause I see other suspicious people just like him everywhere I go?

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