The 2021 season of Six Flags Great Adventure officially kicks off on Saturday, March 27th. Things will be rocking at Six Flags even before the park officially opens its doors with the launch of the Wild Safari Drive-Thru Adventure on March 20th and the debut of their Rockin' Drive-In Laser Light Spectacular from March 18 through March 21st.

Daily operations at the Wild Safari Drive-thru kick off on March 27th. This spring get ready to welcome an adorable group of babies and the debut of the rare African bongo.

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The 350 Acre Safari Adventure includes over 1,200 animals from six continents including elephants, rhinos, tigers, giraffes, kangaroos, baboons, bears, and lions from the safety and privacy of your own car.

The Six Flag's babies of 2020 include four giraffe calves and two Siberian tiger cubs. Six Flags will also debut an adorable African Bongo calf in mid-April.

The bongo species is considered critically endangered and is native to the continent of Africa. The striking, reddish-brown herbivores have unique white and black face markings.

More spring babies to check out include a  dama gazelle, wildebeest calves, kangaroo joeys, Asian water buffalo calves, bison calves, and playful baboons located in Baboon Village.

Courtesy of Sif Flags Great Adventure
Courtesy of Sif Flags Great Adventure

All tickets for the safari must be purchased online and in advance. No tickets will be available at the gate. You must also make advanced reservations to keep the park from overcrowding.

For the safety of the animals, and yourself, you must keep all windows, doors, and convertible tops down. There is NO touching or feeding the animals. No pets allowed. You must also maintain and safe distance between other cars and of course all animals.

Six Flags Hurricane Harbor will officially open for the 2021 summer season on May 15th. New Jersey's most thrilling water park is filled with over 12 rides and attractions.

source: six Flags great adventure press release 3.15.21


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