I'm so happy that both of my boys had the opportunity to enjoy and embrace the college experience. My oldest son, Matt, graduated from the University of the Arts in 2014 and my youngest, Josh, graduated from Rowan University this past May.

I can remember having severe sticker shock when my wife and I found out what college was going to cost when our oldest first started looking at schools.

At first Josh wanted to go out of state, but now he's so glad he stayed in Jersey because of the lower cost of tuition.

NJ.com has put together a list of the most and least expensive schools in our state, which may come in handy if your child is getting ready for the college experience.

These figures do not factor in the cost of books, transportation, room, board and all the other fees associated (which I know all too well) with going to college.


The 5 least expensive schools in New Jersey:

1. New Jersey City University - $11,762

2. Kean University - $12,106

3. Montclair State University - $12,455

4. William Paterson University - $12,802

5. Rowan University - $13,422

The 5 most expansive colleges in New Jersey:

5. Fairleigh Dickinson University - Metro Campus - $41,811

4. Fairleigh Dickinson University - Florham Campus - $44,145

3. Princeton University - $47,140

2.  Drew University - $48,166

1. Stevens Institute of Technology - $50,725

Source: NJ.com


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