Watching the video of teens trashing a Philadelphia Wawa over the weekend and seeing the events of the unauthorized car rally that left the city of Wildwood shaken and two dead on Saturday night has left me thinking about a quote from English writer and poet Samuel Johnson.

When once the forms of civility are violated, there remains little hope of return to kindness or decency.

Both of these embarrassing displays showed a complete and total disregard for civility.

Where is any sense of decency when you go into a business and begin to trash the joint? Do you really think that because you are with a big group of people acting badly that it's somehow more acceptable?

Is it now okay to travel to another town and then show off your ability to drive donuts on a public street crowded with visitors and innocent bystanders? And, if you happen to hurt or kill someone, you'll try to run, because you don't want to face the consequences of your stupid actions.

If you have a problem with Wawa then don't go to Wawa. Don't go into someone else's business and tear it apart. How did you some damned entitled to destroy something that isn't yours?

And how dare you go to another town with the intention of driving dangerously on their crowded streets and think you can get away with it because there will be so many other idiots who have traveled there to do the same thing?

Have we reached the end of civilized society? Have we gotten to that time and place where anything goes and you can act in the most selfish and ignorant manner just because that's the way you are?

Here are two videos showing you what happened at the Wawa in Northeast Philly this weekend.

Remember, if you watch the videos and find them funny or entertaining, you're an accomplice to the stupidity.

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